Crystal-gazing is a way of achieving visions through trance induction by looking at a crystal. It’s looking into a crystal ball and seeing pictures, numbers, alphabets, and other things. You can channel sights and messages from the higher spirit while in a trance. Scying is the act of staring at a transparent or reflecting surface. Crystal Ball Gazing Services in Mumbai

Crystal-gazing (also known as crystal-seeing, crystallism, crystallomancy, gastromancy, and spheromancy) is a way of inducing hypnosis by looking at a crystal. Traditionally, it was supposed to be a sort of divination or scrying, with glimpses of the future, something divine, and so on, but study into the content of crystal-visions suggests that the visions are tied to the seer’s expectations and ideas.

What are crystal balls used for?

A crystal ball, also known as an orbuculum or crystal sphere, is a typical fortune-telling item made of crystal or glass. It is commonly related with the practise of clairvoyance, particularly scrying.

In terms of the instrument or item used to create the crystal-trance, gazer’s any shining object, including a crystalline gemstone or a convex mirror, can be utilized—but in practise, a crystal ball is most commonly employed. The size of the ball favoured by persons who perform crystallomancy varies substantially. Some people use a few-inch-diameter “palm ball” carried in their hand, while others prefer a bigger ball put on a stand.

The archetypal picture of a gypsy lady wearing a headscarf and reading fortunes for her clients with a giant crystal ball is often featured in the media and may be found in hundreds of popular novels, advertising pages, and films from the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. Because of the pervasiveness of this picture, people who can afford them may have expanded their usage of fairly big crystal balls.

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