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Numerology is an old arrangement of numbers that can assist you with perceiving your assets, recognising hurtful examples, and completely changing yourself to improve things.

Numerology is the custom of divining data about existence through numbers. Starting from the beginning of mankind’s set of experiences, numbers have been a wellspring of data about individuals and their general surroundings. For a more complete prologue to the beginnings of numerology, read this selection from my book. Here we will look at numerology as it connects with your wellbeing.

There are six numbers that make up the numerology Blueprint of what your identity is. You get three numbers from your name, and three numbers from your introduction to the world date. The main number from your Numerology Blueprint is your Life Path Number.

Instructions to find your Life Path Number

Take your full date of birth and decrease it to one digit.


We should see somebody brought into the world on 4/27/1977:




The individual brought into the world on 3/27/1977 is a 1 Life Path.

The Life Path Numbers 1 through 9

  • The 1 Life Path

The 1 Life Path endeavours to be # 1 in all aspects of their life. In the event that they believe they are not, it can make them extremely troubled. The 1 Life Path endeavours to succeed, and when they get done with one venture, they move right on to the following. Subsequently, they don’t necessarily in every case set aside a few minutes for their bodies.

What I have viewed as the enchanted shot for the 1 Life Path is actual activity. In the event that they don’t plan time to work out, their well-being begins to endure. They might wind up with neck torment, back agony, and knee torment. Maybe their body is shouting out, and development is the response for the 1 Life Path. Something incredible to do is yoga. In the event that the 1 Life Path focuses on doing fundamental breathing and extending yoga presents, they will feel such a lot of good!

  • The 2 Life Path

The 2 Life Path is known for having a major heart and loves profoundly. I at times hear stories like, “The lady passed on from a messed up heart.” If I am ready to get the birth quantities of that individual, I frequently observe that they were on a 2 Life Path. The 2 Life Path feels things strongly, and their illustration in life is to figure out how to have solid close-to-home limits. My relationship for the 2 Life Path is on the off chance that somebody fell in a well and said, “Could you at any point help me?” They could hop right in, and say, “What’s up?!”

So on the off chance that the 2 Life Path can make a solid close-to-home limit, they will feel significantly improved. A 2 may periodically have the blues. In the event that they invest a lot of energy attempting to satisfy everybody, they wind up placing themselves in the last spot.

To reduce this issue, a considerable lot of my 2 Life Path clients will join bunch treatment or any kind of gathering where they can discuss what is happening in their life. This has an immense effect. When the 2 Life Path figures out how to focus on themselves, it works on their psychological and actual well-being.

  • The 3 LifePath

The 3 Life Path is the communicator and needs to put itself out there. On the off chance that they believe they are not being heard, I have seen it regularly lead to issues with their throat. In the event that you are a 3 Life Path and you are seeing someone you feel what you say doesn’t make any difference, you might need to rethink the relationship and consider continuing on.

Another good thought is to compose a letter to the individual who is disturbing you as opposed to attempting to discuss it. Advise the individual to peruse your considerations, and consent to examine it sometime in the future.

I cover this point in my book, and give extraordinary attestations to the 3, with the goal that their capacity to verbally convey is not generally risked. I’m a 3 Life Path, and a long time back, I frequently lost my voice since I didn’t feel appreciated; when I began doing certifications, I at no point ever lost my voice in the future.

  • The 4 Life Path

The 4 Life Path likes to have a structure in their life. The way that “A+B rises to C” is soothing to them. At the point when life escapes their control, they believe they can’t fix it. In the event that you are a 4 Life Path, the following time you feel cerebral pain coming on, investigate your current circumstance and see what is causing you to feel crazy.

The other thing a 4 Life Path can do to reduce pressure is to get outside with nature, like planting or strolling in the park – starting your shoes off and feeling the genuine grass on your feet has a significant effect! The 4 should figure out how to manage the way that they have no control over everything, and spotlight on only their part. Assuming they work really hard on their task, and realize that the rest is genuinely not their concern, they will stay away from these potential medical problems.

  • The 5 Life Path

It is hard for the 5 Life Path to unwind. The 5 necessities to have a great deal of opportunity in their life. In the event that they feel caught, they some of the time track down undesirable ways of getting away like drinking excessively a lot, or working relentlessly. Adjusting their psyche can prompt overabundance to show in their lives. The 5 should be cautious with what they put in their body.

  • The 6 Life Path

The 6 Life Paths are nurturers, and furthermore should be in control. I accept that the 6 Life Path is continuously attempting to save the planet, and accordingly, they must be mindful so as not to turn into the size of the planet. That’s what their apprehension is on the off chance that they don’t make it happen, it will not finish. It is critical that a 6 track down a wholesome equilibrium in their life. They should give their very best to keep away from thoughtless eating while they are dealing with all the others in their life.

The 6 females must be mindful so as not to “over-mother” and “over-safeguard” their kids. They should figure out how to deliver their youngsters and trust they will be OK. The 6 Life Path is so used to harm control, that they have a trepidation, that assuming it gets excessively tranquil, it should be ” the temporary peace before a violent upheaval.” When life is moving along as expected, they need to say without holding back, “It’s going great and I merit it.” Making a propensity for saying this will truly have an effect!

  • The 7 Life Path

Albeit the 7 can be social, they truly need their protection and sacrosanct space. In the event that a 7 feels they can’t have their extraordinary time alone, they will be hopeless and track down unfortunate ways of getting away, very much like the 5 Life Path. To remain sound, it would be savvy for the 7 to keep a diary to cleanse their contemplations. The 7 is the Vibration that requires finding a base of confidence they can trust, or they can become pessimistic.

While they work on the otherworldly side of what their identity is, it really helps them on a psychological and actual level. Note: The water affects the 7. At the point when the 7 is upset, in the event that they can get to the sea or one more waterway, they will begin to feel improved. Indeed, even cleaning up, stirring things up around town or hot tub will carry harmony to the 7 Life Path.

  • The 8 Life Path

In my Numerology research, it is entirely expected for an 8 Life Path to have medical problems right off the bat that they need to survive. The 8 must remain acutely cognizant of any medical problems that might emerge and stop them from ever really developing. Since the 8 Life Path is here to lay out monetary security, they can get so trapped in their work, or dealing with family, that they might disregard the early actual side effects that can turn into a genuine issue later on. For instance, in the event that their back harms a tad, and they disregard it, the back can go all the way out sometime in the not too distant future. In the event that something in their body doesn’t feel right, they shouldn’t allow time to elapse prior to investigating it.

Furthermore, the 8 can at times feel like the world is on a mission to get them and wind up feeling exceptionally exploited. To haul them out of that rut, I propose comedic motion pictures that make them chuckle, and music that makes them need to move!

  • The 9 Life Path

The 9 Life Path is entirely capable and they struggle with requesting help, in any event, when they truly need it. They frequently trust that “Assuming you cherished me, you’d understand what I want from you,” which is so frequently not the situation. The other issue the 9 has is delivering the past. Assuming their young life was troublesome, they frequently cling to the aggravation, and that can prompt misery. So the 9 Life Path should figure out how to remain at the time, and embrace today.

They should figure out how to request help when they need it. They will generally hold the pressure on their shoulders and neck; I see this as emblematic on the grounds that they convey “the heaviness of the world” on their shoulders. The 9 ought to routinely get a head and neck massage, please. That delivery will assist them with feeling such a ton better. This will do ponders for the 9 Life Path.

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